Peace and the prevention and resolution of conflicts hold significant importance in the Rotary calendar during the month of February. This is attributed to the commemoration of the inaugural Rotary meeting on February 23, 1905, now recognized as World Understanding and Peace Day.

This historic gathering laid the foundation for our organization's profound dedication to promoting World Understanding and Peace. In recognition of this commitment, February 23rd is now designated as World Understanding and Peace Day within the Rotary community.

In a world that often faces complex challenges, Rotary's emphasis on peace is more vital than ever. It serves as a beacon, guiding us to actively engage in conflict prevention and resolution, contributing to the betterment of our global community.

As members of the Rotary Club of Idaho Falls, let us use this month to renew our commitment to the ideals of peace and understanding. Through our collective efforts, we can continue to make a positive impact and work towards a more harmonious world.

Thank you for your dedication to Rotary's principles and for being ambassadors of peace within our community and beyond.

Yours in Rotary,

Catherine Smith